Remex, Inc. is a full service accounts receivable management company with a primary goal of professionally assisting our clients by offering a range of flexible services for enhancing the revenue cycle.   Remex, and our USC division, have been recovering debt since 1983; and providing superior client service while using a compassionate collection approach. Remex offers a wide variety of effective state-of-the-art accounts receivable management tools, including: Extended Business Office functions, Early-Out programs, and Consulting/Training, in addition to traditional first and second placement collection services.    Authorized to collect in all 50 states, Remex is headquartered in Princeton, NJ.  

Remex provides a total service, which encompasses far more than just "collections". We hope that you will recognize that our commitment to providing a total service package, and the quality of that effort, sets us apart from other agencies.   Quality assurance is an integral part of Remex culture.  The effectiveness of our relationship with our clients is contingent upon the commitment to quality by our management and staff.  Without a strong personal commitment to high quality from everyone involved, quality control, in any real sense, simply cannot happen. Such things as quality control check points, supervision, and systems support will all be ineffective if everyone involved does not believe in the value of performing at the highest level possible.

Remex’s commitment to quality is followed through with action.  We are SSAE 18 Type 1 SOC 2 examined. SSAE 18, Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements 18, is a regulation created by the Auditing Standards Board (ASB) of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for redefining and updating how service companies report on compliance controls.

Excellent recovery rates will be diminished in value if an agency increases its client’s costs through inefficiency and increased administrative burden – whether through complaints, inaccurate reports, or poor client service.   We focus on the total service package:

  • Outstanding patient relations through "Compassionate Collections"
  • Responsive client service
  • Efficient and accurate in communication and reporting
  • Total compliance with all contractual requirements, state and federal laws
  • Highly effective data security and operational security

We urge you to meet with us to discuss your specific needs and requirements, service preferences, goals, and objectives.  Our senior management team will then take that information and design a business plan and proposal for you that details how we will deliver on your definition of the ideal agency relationship.


That is what defines who we are as an organization.
That is the Remex difference.