Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a payment?

You may call 800-772-9284 to make a payment by telephone or use our secure online payment site,  Our representatives are able to help with any questions you might have. 

How can I obtain a receipt when I make a payment?

This quickest way to obtain a receipt for payment is to pay online at and use the print receipt option. 

Someone else’s information is in my credit report.  What can I do?

Sometimes a credit reporting bureau will inadvertently place incorrect information in a consumer’s credit history file.   When this occurs it is a mismatch of information such as a Jr. and Sr. being mixed up. The credit bureaus call this a Mixed File. This mismatching of information can quickly and easily be adjusted by the credit bureau. Toll free numbers for the credit bureaus are listed below: 

Equifax:  888-766-0008  |  Experian:  888-397-3742  |  TransUnion:  855-681-3196 

I’ve already made payment.  What do I do?

If you have already made payment simply provide the information and we will notify our client. You may send proof of payment such as a cancelled check, credit card statement, bank statement, or receipt to our address below. To assist with locating the correct account include the name on the account, our account number or our client’s account number, your current address, and your current telephone number.  

Remex, Inc.  •  P.O. Box 765  •  Rocky Hill, NJ 08553 

Do you have a complaint?

Remex values consumer feedback and would like to know how we are doing. We are continuously evaluating and improving our services and would like to hear about any concerns you may have. You may submit a complaint by completing the online form.

Do you have a compliment?

We expect our team members to provide exemplary service to our clients and consumers and it is always nice to receive a compliment.  If you would like to share some positive thoughts about your experience with Remex please fill out the online form.

What do I do if I received a collection notice?

You may pay by mail using the enclosed self-addressed envelope and payment coupon or pay at   To pay by telephone or talk to a Consumer Assistance representative call

What can I do if I dispute an account?

For assistance with an account that you dispute, you may provide information that will enable us to investigate the matter with our client. You may submit a dispute form online by visiting:, or you may write to us at: Remex, Inc. PO Box 765 Rocky Hill, NJ 08553. To assist with locating the correct account, include the name on the account, our account number, your current address, and your current telephone number, along with any documentation you have that supports your position. 

I am a victim of identity theft.  What can I do?

Contact your local police department to report the theft.  After you have obtained the police report you may contact us at 800-772-9284 for assistance in reporting the matter to our client for investigation.   

How do I report a wrong number?

If we are calling an incorrect number please contact our office at 800-772-9284 and we will update our records. 

How may I notify you that the party you are contacting is deceased?

You may send a copy of a death certificate and estate administrator contact information to our address below or call us at 800-772-9284. Please provide information that will assist in identifying the correct account. 

Remex, Inc.  •  P.O. Box 765  •  Rocky Hill, NJ 08553 

What can I do if I have difficulty paying the account?

Frequently our client’s have authorized us to offer time payments on their accounts.  Terms are usually based upon the account balance and age of the account.  Contact a representative at 800-772-9284 to find out how we can help.